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Curious Brew

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Curious Brew, Admiral Porter (England)
Curious Brew is a beer range released by Chapel Down winery in Kent, brewed at the Beer Station by brewer Andy Hepworth and Chapel Down's winemaker Frazer Thompson. This Porter is brewed with Sussex grown barley and Admiral hops and pours jet black with a hint of ruby at the core, and a high, creamy tan head. On the nose there's a deliciously alluring darkness of Pontefract cakes, singed toast, and inky-dark damson skins. The beer is aged in oak, but there is no noticeable vanillin influence, just it is a very soft and harmonious beer on teh palate with a pillowing softness of burnt, chocolaty and dark toffee flavours and medium-to full-bodied texture. The bittersweet hoppy bite really kicks in, adding a chicory note on the finish. A lovely, balanced and characterful beer this, and well worth seeking out. 5.0% ABV, 33cl, ?1.49, brewery website, Onlyfinebeer.
Curious Brew, Brut (England)
Curious Brut is brewed from barley and wheat malts, Saaz and Cascade hops, and undergoes a secondary fermentation using Champagne yeasts. I presume this is done in tank (or maybe barrel) as the label doesn't declare the beer as bottle-conditioned. It has a glowing gold colour and quite creamy, off-white head. It has a real summer meadow nose, with lots of grassy aromas and little floral hints, with just a touch of toffee. On the palate it has plenty of body and textural richness, with more of that sweet, toffeed attack, a vivid fruitiness, and then a very nice bittering hop quality kicking in. Long and very easy to drink, this is another fine effort if a touch too sweet for me. 5.0% ABV, 33cl, ?1.49, brewery website, Onlyfinebeer.
Curious Brew, Cobb IPA (England)
This beer is brewed with a rare Kent hop called Cobb, known for its aromatic qualities, and is hopped at four stages of the brewing process. It pours a dark golden amber colour with a thick, pillowing cappuccino-coloured head. The nose is tantalising and delightful: a really deep-set marmalade and honey character, with plenty of fudge-like depths and vinous, red fruit notes beneath. On teh palate it is thick and smooth, with a fine bitterness immediately taking charge. There's a raciness to the acidity in this beer, and a weight and breadth of chocolaty, caramel flavours on the mid-palate. A certain sweetness is present too, but it is the chicory and endive-like bite of the hops that wins in the end in a fine beer. 5.6% ABV, 33cl, ?1.49, brewery website, Onlyfinebeer.



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